SAP NetWeaver - Knowledge Management

SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management (KM) component organizes unstructured information from different data sources into a structured format and makes it accessible to all users. The information from various data sources exist in the form of notepad documents, PPTs, and HTML formats. Information from different sources can be integrated using different functions.

Key Features of SAP Enterprise Knowledge Management

Following are the key features of SAP Knowledge Management capability −

Unified access across multiple document stores

  • Unified API for any repository
  • Broad set of connectors can be extended by partners
  • Integrated into the SAP Enterprise Portal

Full set of content management services

Browsing, Search, Check-In and Check-Out, subscription based to Knowledge articles.

Full set of search & classification services

  • Indexing, searching
  • Automatic classification
  • Text mining

Search in

  • Full text
  • Attributes

Different search modes

  • Exact
  • Linguistic: use stem of query term for searching
  • Fuzzy search error tolerant
  • Wildcard search, using “*” or using”?”
  • Phrase search for complex expressions
  • Boolean operators
  • Highlighting / HTML conversion / links to maintained keywords
  • Content snippets
  • Federated search (usage of other search engine indices)

Text Mining

  • Search for similar documents
  • Suggestion of alternative search terms
  • Automatic classification of documents into categories

Creating and uploading document to the Knowledge Center

In NetWeaver Knowledge Management, documents can be created and published to Knowledge management folder. These documents can be accessed by all the users and each user can create a document in Portal. It can be published to Knowledge Management folder.