NW Version in ECC System


As mentioned earlier, SAP NetWeaver includes a comprehensive set of components, applications, and tools. You can check the version of NetWeaver platform in SAP ECC suite.

To check the version of NetWeaver platform −

Step 1 − Login to SAP ECC system using SAP GUI.


Step 2 − Select the system for which you want to check NetWeaver version and login.

NetWeaver Version

Step 3 − To check the version, click the system tab at the top → Status


This will open the System Status Tab.

You can view different details such as Usage Data, Repository Data, and Host Data.

Usage Data

Step 4 − To check the version, under SAP system data → Component Version → Click the Lens icon.

In the next Installed Software screen, under the Installed Software Component Versions, you can find Component name, Release, Service Pack Level, and Support Package.

Step 5 − Under the Release tab, you can check the version of NetWeaver version. In the following screenshot, it is NetWeaver 7.4.

Release Tab

Step 6 − Under the same screen but the next tab, i.e., Installed Product Versions, you can find the version of each component installed on the SAP system. To search the version of SAP NetWeaver, scroll down to find it.

Product Version SAP NW