SAP NetWeaver - Gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is used to set up a connection between SAP business suite, target clients, platforms, and framework. It offers development and generation tools to create OData services with different client development tools.

SAP NetWeaver gateway provides an easier way for the consumption on business logic and the content for SAP back-end system on web applications. It also reduces the complexity to access SAP data and provides easy interfaces to decrease the development time.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway: Capabilities and Key Benefits

  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway is a technology that provides a simple way to connect devices, environments, and platforms to SAP software based on market standards.

  • Non-disruptive, any SAP business suite.

  • Easy to develop simple APIs and does not require any tool knowledge.

  • Based on REST, ATOM/OData. It allows connectivity to SAP applications using any programming language or model, without the need for SAP knowledge, by leveraging REST services and OData/ATOM protocols.

  • It provides plug-ins for well-known IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio 2010 and XCode.

Gateway Installation / Deployment Options

There are two different deployment options available to deploy SAP NetWeaver −

Central Hub Deployment of SAP NetWeaver Gateway

In this option, Gateway server functionalities are used on one dedicated server, the hub system. As against the first option, service deployment takes place on the Hub system.

This option is used if either no development must be performed on the back-end system or in case of releases prior to 7.40. or if it is not allowed to deploy the Add-On IW_BEP in the back-end. In this case, the developer is limited to the interfaces that are accessible via RFC in the back-end.

Development takes place in Gateway hub system and Business suite back-end systems are not touched. IW_BEP or SAP_GWFND runs in Gateway hub system and nothing is touched in SAP Business suite.


  • This option has the advantage that it does not require the installation of Gateway Add-Ons in the back-end system.


  • There is no direct access to metadata (DDIC) and business data. Therefore, the reuse of data is limited.

  • GENIL objects cannot be used remotely.

  • In this configuration, access is limited to remote enabled interfaces, like RFC modules, BAPIs, etc.

Embedded Deployment

In Embedded deployment architecture, development takes place in SAP Business suite back-end system. The Gateway system is also installed in the same system. Services are registered as well as published in the SAP Business Suite back-end system.

IW_BEP or SAP_GWFND runs in the same system in which SAP Business suite is installed.


  • It requires less run time as one remote call is reduced.


  • The system should not be used as a hub for additional back-end systems.

  • In case of multiple SAP Business Suite systems, the Gateway has to be configured multiple times.

  • This configuration is recommended only for sandbox purposes.

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