SAP BODS - Transforms Types

Transforms are used to manipulate the data sets as inputs and creating one or multiple outputs. There are various transforms, which can be used in Data Services. The type of transformations depend on the version and product purchased.

Following types of Transformations are available −

Data Integration

Data Integration transforms are used for data extraction, transform and load to DW system. It ensures data integrity and improves developer productivity.

  • Data_Generator
  • Data_Transfer
  • Effective_Date
  • Hierarchy_flattening
  • Table_Comparision, etc.

Data Quality

Data Quality transforms are used to improve the data quality. You can apply parse, correct, standardized, enrich data set from the source system.

  • Associate
  • Data Cleanse
  • DSF2 Walk Sequencer, etc.


Platform is used for the movement of dataset. Using this you can generate, map, and merge rows from two or more data sources.

  • Case
  • Merge
  • Query, etc.

Text Data Processing

Text Data Processing allows you to process large volume of text data.