SAP BODS - Creating Embedded Dataflow

You can select an object in the existing data flow. There are two ways in which embedded Data Flow can be created.

Option 1

Right click on the object and select to make it Embedded Data flow.

Make Embedded Data Flow

Option 2

Drag the complete and validate data flow from object library into an open data flow in the work space. Next, open the data flow that has been created. Select the object you want to use as the input and output port and click make port for that object.

Click Make Port

Data Services add that object as connection point for embedded data flow.

Variables and Parameters

You can use local and global variables with data flow and work flow, which provide more flexibility in designing jobs.

The key features are −

  • Data type of a variable can be a number, integer, decimal, date or a text string like character.

  • Variables can be used in the data flows and work flows as function in the Where clause.

  • Local variables in data services are restricted to object in which they are created.

  • Global variables are restricted to jobs in which they are created. Using global variables, you can change values for default global variables at run time.

  • Expressions that are used in work flow and data flow are known as parameters.

  • All the variables and parameters in work flow and data flows are shown in variable and parameters window.

To view variables and parameters, follow the steps given below −

Go to Tools → Variables.

Variables and Parameters

A new window Variables and parameters is displayed. It has two tabs − Definitions and Calls.

Definitions and Calls

The Definitions tab allows you to create and view variables and parameters. You can use local variables and parameters at work flow and data flow level. Global variables can be used at job level.


Local variables

Global variables

A script or conditional in the job

Any object in the job

Work flow

Local variables


This work flow or passed down to other work flows or data flows using a parameter.

Parent objects to pass local variables. Work flows may also return variables or parameters to parent objects.

Data flow


A WHERE clause, column mapping, or a function in the dataflow. Data flow. Data flows cannot return output values.

In the call tab, you can see the name of the parameter defined for all objects in a parent object’s definition.

Defining Local Variable

To define the Local Variable, Open the Real time job.

Step 1 − Go to Tools → Variables. A new Variables and Parameters window will open.

Step 2 − Go to Variable → Right click → Insert

Variable Insert

It will create a new parameter $NewVariable0.

Step 3 − Enter the name of the new variable. Select the data type from the list.

Select Datatype

Once it is defined, close the window. In a similar way, you can define the parameters for data flow and work flow.

Dataflow and Workflow