SAP BODS - Adapter Datastore

Adapter Datastore allows you to import application metadata into repository. You can access application metadata and move the batch and real time data between different applications and software.

There is an Adapter Software Development Kit − SDK provided by SAP that can be used to develop customized adapters. These adapters are displayed in the Data Services designer by Adapter Datastores.

To extract or load the data using an adapter, you should define at least one Datastore for this purpose.

Adapter Datastore - Definition

To define Adaptive Datastore follow the given steps −

Step 1 − Click Create Datastore → Enter the name for Datastore. Select Datastore Type as Adapter. Select the Job Server from the list and Adapter Instance Name and click OK.

Create New Datastore

To browse application metadata

Right click on the Datastore name and click Open. It will open a new window showing the source metadata. Click on + sign to check objects and right click on the object to import.