SAP BODS - ETL Flow in DS Designer

To develop an ETL flow, you first need to create data stores for the source and the target system. Follow the steps given to develop an ETL flow −

Step 1 − Click Create Data Stores.

Create Data Stores

A new window will open.

Step 2 − Enter the Datastore name, Datastore type and database type as shown below. You can select different database as source system as shown in the screenshot below.

Datastore Name Type

Step 3 − To use ECC system as the data source, select SAP Applications as Datastore type. Enter user name and password and on the Advance tab, enter the system number and client number.

ECC System

Step 4 − Click OK and the Datastore will be added to the Local object library list. If you expand Datastore, it does not show any table.

Local Object Library

Step 5 − To extract any table from ECC system to load on the target system, Right-click on Tables → Import by Names.

Extract Any Table

Step 6 − Enter the table name and click Import. Here, Table–Mara is used, which is a default table in the ECC system.


Step 7 − In a similar way, create a Datastore for the target system. In this example, HANA is used as a target system.

HANA Target System

Once you click OK, this Datastore will be added to the local object library and there will be no table inside it.

Create an ETL Flow

To create an ETL flow, create a new project.

Step 1 − Click the option, Create Project. Enter the Project Name and click Create. It will be added to the Project Area.

Project Area

Step 2 − Right click on the Project name and create a new batch job/real time job.

New Batch Job

Step 3 − Enter the name of the job and press Enter. You have to add Work flow and Data flow to this. Select a workflow and click the work area to add to the job. Enter the name of the workflow and double-click it to add to the Project area.

Step 4 − In a similar way, select the Data flow and bring it to the Project area. Enter the name of the data flow and double-click to add it under the new project.

Dataflow Project Area

Step 5 − Now drag the source table under datastore to the Work area. Now you can drag the target table with similar data-type to the work area or you can create a new template table.

To create a new template table right click the source table, Add New → Template Table.

New Template Table

Step 6 − Enter the table name and select the Datastore from the list as target Datastore. The Owner name represents the Schema name where the table has to be created.

Target Datastore

The table will be added to the work area with this table name.

Step 7 − Drag the line from the source table to the target table. Click the Save All option at the top.

Source Target Table

Now you can schedule the job using Data Service Management Console or you can manually execute it by right clicking on the Job name and Execute.

Job Name Execute