Data Extraction from Excel Workbook

You can use Microsoft Excel workbook as data source using the file formats in Data Services. The Excel workbook should be available on Windows file system or Unix File system.

Sr.No. Access & Description

In the object library, click the Formats tab.

An Excel workbook formal describes the structure defined in an Excel workbook(denoted with a .xls extension). You store format templates for Excel data ranges in the object library. You use the template to define the format of a particular source in a data flow. SAP Data Services acesses Excel workbooks as source only(not as targets).

Right click the New option and select Excel Workbook as shown in the screenshot below.

Excel Workbook

Data Extraction from XML FILE DTD, XSD

You can also import XML or DTD schema file format.

Step 1 − Go to Local object Library → Format tab → Nested Schema.

Nested Schema

Step 2 − Point to New (You can select DTD file or XML Schema or JSON file format). Enter the name of the file format and select the file that you want to import. Click OK.

Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks

You can also import file format in COBOL copybooks. Go to Local Object Library → Format → COBOL Copybooks.

Format COBOL Copybooks