SAP BODS - Linked Datastore

There are various database vendors, which only provide one-way communication path from one database to another database. These paths are known as database links. In SQL Server, Linked server allows one-way communication path from one database to other.


Consider a local database Server named “Product” stores database link to access information on remote database server called Customer. Now, users that are connected to the remote database server Customer cannot use the same link to access data in database server Product. Users that are connected to “Customer” should have a separate link in data dictionary of the server to access the data in Product database server.

This communication path between the two databases is called the database link. The Datastores, which are created between these linked database relationships are known as linked Datastores.

There is a possibility of connecting one Datastore to another Datastore and importing an external database link as option of Datastore.

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