SAP BODS - COBOL Copybook File Format

You can create a COBOL copybook file format that slows you to create just the format. You can configure the source later once you add the format to the dataflow.

You can create the file format and connect it to data file at the same time. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to Local Object Library → File Format → COBOL Copybooks.

COBOL Copybooks

Step 2 − Right click the New option.

New COBOL Copybooks

Step 3 − Enter the Format name. Go to Format tab → Select COBOL copybook to import. The extension of the file is .cpy.

Format Name

Step 4 − Click OK. This file format is added to Local Object library. The COBOL Copybook Schema name dialog box opens up. If required, rename the schema and click OK.