SAP BODS - Creating Workflows

Workflows can be created using the following methods −

  • Object Library
  • Tool Palette

Creating a Workflow using Object Library

To create a work flow using Object Library, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to the Object Library → Workflow tab.

Workflow Tab

Step 2 − Right click the New option.

Right Click Option

Step 3 − Enter the name of the Workflow.

Creating a workflow using tool palette

To create a workflow using tool palette, click the icon on the right side and drag work flow in the work space.

You can also set to execute workflow only once by going to the properties of workflow.


You can also add Conditionals to workflow. This allows you to implement the If/Else/Then logic on the workflows.

Sr.No. Conditional & Description


A Boolean expression that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE. You can use functions, variables, and standard operators to construct the expression.



Work flow elements to execute if the If expression evaluates to TRUE.



(Optional) Work flow elements to execute if the If expression evaluates to FALSE.

To define a Conditional

Step 1 − Go to Workflow → Click the Conditional icon on the tool palette on the right side.

Conditional Icon

Step 2 − Double click the name of Conditional to open the If-Then–Else conditional editor.

Conditional Editor

Step 3 − Enter the Boolean Expression that controls the Conditional. Click OK.

Boolean Expressions

Step 4 − Drag the Data flow you want to execute the Then and Else window as per the expression in IF condition.

Then and Else

Once you complete the condition, you can debug and validate the conditional.