SAP BODS - Datastore Overview

Datastores are used to setup connection between an application and the database. You can directly create Datastore or can be created with the help of adapters. Datastore allows an application/software to read or write metadata from an application or database and to write to that database or application.

In Business Objects Data Services, you can connect to the following systems using Datastore −

  • Mainframe systems and Database
  • Applications and software with user written adapters
  • SAP Applications, SAP BW, Oracle Apps, Siebel, etc.

SAP Business Objects Data Services provides an option to connect to the Mainframe interfaces using Attunity Connector. Using Attunity, connect the Datastore to the list of sources given below −

  • DB2 UDB for OS/390
  • DB2 UDB for OS/400
  • IMS/DB
  • VSAM
  • Adabas
  • Flat Files on OS/390 and OS/400
Attunity Connector

Using Attunity connector, you can connect to the mainframe data with the help of a software. This software needs to be installed manually on the mainframe server and the local client job server using an ODBC interface.

Enter the details like Host location, Port, Attunity workspace,etc.

Create Datastore for a Database

To create Datastore for a database follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Enter the Datastore name, Datastore type and database type as shown in the image given below. You can select different database as source system given in the list.

Oracle Applications

Step 2 − To use ECC system as the data source, select SAP Applications as the Datastore type. Enter user name and password. Click the Advance tab and enter the system number and client number.


Step 3 − Click OK and the Datastore will be added to the Local object library list. If you expand the Datastore, there is no table to display.