SAP BODS - Central Repository Security

There are various security parameters that can be applied on a central repository to make it secure.

Various security parameters are −

  • Authentication − This allows only authentic users to log in to the central repository.

  • Authorization − This allows the user to assign different level of permissions for each object.

  • Auditing − This is used to maintain the history of all the changes made to an object. You can check all the previous versions and revert to the older versions.

Creating Non Secure Central Repository

In a multiuser development environment, it is always advisable to work in central repository method.

To create a non-secure central repository follow the given steps −

Step 1 − Create a database, using database management system, which will act as a central repository.

Step 2 − Go to a Repository Manager.

Repository Manager

Step 3 − Select the Repository type as Central. Enter the database details such as User Name and Password and click Create.

Repository Type

Step 4 − To define a connection to the Central Repository, Tools → Central Repository.

Central Repository

Step 5 − Select the Repository in Central Repository connection and click the Add icon.

Central Repository Connections

Step 6 − Enter the password for the central repository and click the Activate button.

Creating a Secure Central Repository

To create a secure Central Repository, go to the Repository Manager. Select the Repository Type as Central. Click the Enable Security Check box.

Secure Central Repository