Data Assessment & Data Profiling

Data Services Designer provides a feature of Data Profiling to ensure and improve the quality and structure of source data.

Data Profiler allows you to −

  • Find anomalies in source data, validation and corrective action and quality of source data.

  • Define the structure and relationship of source data for better execution of jobs, work flows and data flows.

  • Find the content of source and target system to determine that your job returns an expected result.

Data Profiler provides the following information of Profiler server execution −

Column Analysis

  • Basic Profiling − Includes information like min, max, avg, etc.

  • Detailed Profiling − Includes information like distinct count, distinct percent, median, etc.

Relationship Analysis

  • Data anomalies between two columns for which you define a relationship.

Data profiling feature can be used on data from the following data sources −

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Attunity Connector
  • Sybase IQ
  • Teradata

Connecting to Profiler Server

To connect to a Profile Server −

Step 1 − Go to Tools → Profiler Server Login

Profiler Server Login

Step 2 − Enter the details such as System, User Name, Password and Authentication.

Step 3 − Click the Log on button.

When you are connected, a list of profiler repositories will be displayed. Select Repository and click Connect.