SAP CRM - Web Channel

The main objective of the CRM Web Channel (E-Commerce) is to turn the internet into profitable sales and provide customer satisfaction and convenience to business partners.

The Web Channel Managers leverage a single administration tool to easily and flexibly setup, manage and extend their online channel to achieve an optimal online presence. This allows to continuously roll out the website updates into production without IT involvement.


B2B Scenario

In a B2B scenario, data is exchanged between two different organizations or business partners. The communication between these two companies is done when a middleware is used like SAP Process Integrator PI/XI.

B2B Scenario

B2B Configuration in Source System

For configuring B2B in the source system, you will have to go through the following steps −

  • The first step is to define a party that shows your company.
  • Then we have to define the communication components.
  • Design an integration flow in PI.
  • Assign the sender and receiver components and interfaces for communication.
  • Configure adapters for sender and receiver channels.
  • Define the header mapping at the receiver.
  • Activate and deploy the integration flow.
  • Monitor the channels and message processing.

B2C Scenario

This scenario is used when a company wants to connect to multiple customers at one time. The B2C scenario is executed using a campaign and a target group.

B2C Scenario

Steps to Execute a B2C Scenario

Step 1 − External List Management

The first and foremost thing is to find out the potential customers. For this, you can use external providers to get specific data and gain new customers.

Step 2 − Define Segmentation

The next step is to define segments of potential customers as per their demands and create a marketing campaign that meets the expectation or requirements of this targeted segment.

Step 3 − Executing Marketing Campaign

This involves the channel of campaign execution and then execute the campaign.

For example − Email, Fax or a Phone call, etc.