SAP CRM - Service Request Management

Service requests are used to fulfill the requests submitted by the customer. Companies can use service requests internally where a different department delivers service and also for external customers. A customer can call the service desk to open service requests or they can be submitted directly by service personnel or by users after logging into the system.

Service Tickets

Service Ticket was introduced in CRM 4.0 and was a variant of IC interaction Center service order business transaction. Service Tickets provide add-on industry service to support service desk scenarios.

Service Tickets

Service Ticket Transaction View

Service Ticket Transaction

Service Requests

Service Requests are available in CRM 7.0 and are introduced to provide functionality in service tickets and also additional features like multilevel categorization, knowledge articles, and master service requests.

A service request is built on a different Business Object Type in the Business Object Repository BUS2000223 rather than BUS2000116 and master service request is built on BUS2000224.

Service Request in Interaction Center

Service Request

Service Request Transaction View

Service Request Transaction

Service Tickets Vs. Service Requests

The following table highlights the key differences between Service Tickets and Service Requests.

Feature Service Tickets Service Requests
Views Only IC roles Available in all CRM WebClient and IC business roles
Versions CRM 4.0 SIE, CRM 2005, CRM 2006s, CRM 7.0 CRM 7.0
Time Recording Yes Planned for upcoming release in SAP CRM 7.0 possible via Service Confirmations
Multi-Level Categorization Yes, Basic Yes, Enhanced with upto five categorization schemas
Dispatch("Escalate") Yes Yes
Standard BI Reports Yes BI Content available; standard reports planned for future release
Out of Box Interactive Reporting (OLTP) Yes No, planned for upcoming release
Email Response Management System (ERMS) Integration Yes Not yet, planned for SAP CRM 7.0 SP04
Intent Driven Interaction Integration Yes Yes
Item Determination Hard-coded dummy line item, determination via BAdl Flexible item Determination using Categorization
Standard Alerts (to show open Service Tickets) Yes Yes
Calculation of Work and Total Duration not with standard delivery Yes
SLA determination Yes, Basic Yes, with flexible access sequence
Integrated Master Service Request Functionality (i.e., for bundling Service Requests) Yes, Basic Yes
Print / Print Preview No Yes
Knowledge Article Integration No per default, instead Solution Database Yes
Find Related Problems Functionality No Yes
Unlock (from master service request) No Yes
Display Object Relationships No Yes
Create Follow-Up Yes, Lean Yes, Full
Auto Complete Yes Yes
Processing Log No, however the Service Ticket used the Change History to log Changes. Yes
Escalation management (1st and 2nd level) No Yes
Business Context Yes Yes

SAP recommends existing customers who are using service tickets to use Service Requests now. You can use Service Requests in the Interaction Center (IC) and also in other business roles like ServicePRO. These Service Requests provide more functionalities as compared to service tickets. Apart from this, most of the enhancements will be performed on any Service Request as only those will be going forward.

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