SAP CRM - Marketing

In this chapter, we will discuss about CRM Marketing, which is one of the most important module of any organization.

SAP CRM – Marketing Overview

CRM Marketing is one of the key components in Customer Relationship Management and is used to plan all marketing related activities centrally and implement them successfully across organization. Marketing involves analyzing the market segments and identifying the valuable customers.

Marketing demands creation, building long-term customer relationships, creating brand awareness. It also deals with marketing campaigns, lead generation, connecting with target customers, and success of all these activities.

Key Marketing Features

Following are the key marketing features in Customer Relationship Management −

  • Marketing deals with managing marketing campaigns, marketing-campaign process, including design, execution, coordination, optimization, and monitoring.

  • Marketing in CRM can be used to analyze the customer behavior, products, market channels, trends, profitability, and other important information related to a customer.

  • Marketing helps sales professionals to use SAP CRM for gathering, qualifying, and distributing leads as part of CRM sales.

  • Using marketing, you can create personalized product proposals for each Website visitor and it involves the existing or even the new customers of the company.

In CRM, Marketing is used to plan all marketing activities centrally and assist to implement those activities in the organization.

Marketing Roles in CRM WebClient

Marketing Roles
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