SAP CRM - Campaign Management

Campaigns are created in an organization to improve the sales, to improve the image of products, create new opportunities for add on sales, etc. In SAP CRM, you can implement different inbound and outbound campaigns which are multichannel and they can be used to define and implement best possible marketing strategy by using constraint-based optimization techniques to determine the best marketing mix.

Campaigns can be created in CRM by using multiple ways, some of which are −

  • Using Campaign Wizard − You can create simple campaigns using the campaign wizard that target to a single group and that doesn’t require full functionality of campaign management. You should have business function Campaign Wizard (CRM_MKT_CPG_WIZARD) activated to use this function.

  • Using Campaign Templates

  • Using Existing Campaigns

Campaign Execution

To perform campaign execution, you should have at least one campaign created in CRM. You have created a campaign in Marketing → Campaigns and it contains the necessary information such as communication medium and target group.

Go to Marketing → Campaigns, you have to select the campaign or the campaign element you want to execute.

The next step is to release the campaign by changing the status to Release in General Data. After this, click Start on the Campaign Details page to start processing the campaign.