SAP CRM - Business Transactions

In this chapter, we will learn about the various types of business transactions used in SAP CRM.

By using business transactions in CRM, the basic functions can be easily processed. The transaction type defines the attribute of business transactions, whether it is a service order, sales order, service ticket, etc. or how the transaction is processed.

Structure of Business Transactions

Business Transactions include the following tables −

  • Primary Header Table − CRMD_ORDERADM_H which is also known as ORDERADM_H.

  • Primary Item Table − CRMD_ORDERADM_I which is also known as ORDERADM_I.

These tables are then related to various segments through a linkage table known as CRMD_LINK. Examples of its segments are CRMD_ACTIVITY_H and CRMD_PRODUCT_I.

Business Transaction Types and Categories

You can assign business transactions to one or more transaction categories. While defining a business transaction category, you define one business transaction category as the leading category and also its sub categories.

A Business transaction type defines −

  • Attributes
  • Characteristics
  • Controlling attributes


Consider a sales order with business activity data that has sales as leading a transaction category and business activity as another transaction category type.

This leading transaction category defines the customizing option for a transaction type. You also define an item category for business transaction type and can also define additional categories.

You define business transactions in Customizing. Go to SPRO → IMG → Customer Relationship Management → Transactions → Basic Settings.

Basic Settings

Assignment of Business Transaction Types −

Go to SPRO → IMG → Customer Relationship Management → Transactions → Basic Settings → Define Transaction types.

Definition of Transaction

Select the transaction and go to Assignment of Business Transaction.

Assignment of Business Transaction

You can select the Business Transaction type from the drop down list.

Business Transaction Type

The business transaction categories are defined by SAP and correspond to the business object types in the business object repository.

For example −

  • Sales ("BUS200115")
  • Service Process ("BUS200116")
  • Business Activity ("BUS200126")

A business transaction category determines the business context in which a business transaction or an item can be used. It determines the following things −

  • The maximum allowed structure of a certain type of transaction.

  • The objects of which the transaction category consists.

  • The secondary transaction categories with which the transaction category can be combined.

  • The item object types of which the transaction category consists, and hence the objects of which the item object type consists

Object Types

Business Transaction Functions

There are a number of basic functions that can be performed using Business Transactions. Following are a couple of basic functions for Business Transactions −

Campaign Determination

When you enter a sales order item in campaign determination, the system performs a search for campaigns or trade promotions as per the customized determination rules. These are used for the pricing of order item.

For example −

  • Package Name CRM_CAMPAIGN_DET

Product Determination

In a sales order, processing products can be determined or substituted. This Product Substitution is performed by Searching products using IPC = Material Determination in ECC.

The Product Determination is used to determine the products by −

  • PON Product Order Number
  • Aliases profile
  • GTIN
  • Partner Product Number