SAP CRM - Billing

In this section, we will discuss the different billing modules in SAP CRM. There are numerous business transactions which can be billed in SAP CRM, some of them are −

  • Sales orders
  • Deliveries
  • Service contracts
  • Service confirmation
  • Complaints
  • Release of sales contracts
  • Service orders

Using this billing function, you can combine different invoices and hence simplify the process for the customers. The billing process can be divided into four parts −

  • Input Processing
  • Billing
  • Cancellation
  • Output processing

For Input processing, CRM Billing gets the list of billing items from the business transactions and store them in billing due list. In this billing due list, CRM billing processes the due list items as an individual billing or can also process it as collective billing.

Using CRM Billing, you can cancel individual billing or collective cancellations and information is transferred to Financial Accounting.

Output processing involves invoice output, transfer to SAP Financial Accounting and retrieval for SAP BW. You can select different output methods like print, fax or email for the invoice output.

Billing Documents in a CRM WebClient

The billing function is available in different business roles in a CRM WebClient. You can login with Salespro and can check different billing documents and can also perform search and billing due list.

Billing Documents

Sales Operations

Following is the search page for CRM WebClient. Once you click on the billing document, you can perform a search. You can also perform a search based on the following parameters.

Search Billing Documents

Billing Documents ID

Parts in Billing Documents ID

A billing document consists of different parts. It has general data that contains information about the billing document Id, player name, player id, address, billing dates, etc.

The prices tab contains prices, whereas the items tab contain item number, product id, Net Value, etc. The billing documents consists of different assignment blocks as shown in the following screenshot −

Billing Documents Details
  • Transactions − CRM transactions relevant to this Billing Document.

  • Follow-up Transactions − Transactions created as follow-up to this Billing Document.

Note − Different type of text relevant to the Billing Document

Billing Documents Items