SAP CRM - Architecture

SAP CRM consists of various components that allow you to integrate the CRM module with other SAP and non-SAP modules, internet, mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and enterprise portal.

In the center, it has SAP CRM server which has sub components like −

  • CRM Enterprise Functions
  • CRM Middleware

Then there are adapters to communicate with hand held devices and internet. The SAP ECC/R3 system is used for backend, SAP BI system is used for analytical reporting and SAP SCM is used to enhance the capabilities of SAP CRM module.

You can also see the SAP CRM architecture and all its listed key components in the following image −

  • SAP ERM Server (CRM Enterprise, CRM Middleware, Adapter)
  • SAP ECC as backend system
  • SAP BI for Analytical Reporting
  • Mobile and hand held devices
  • Internet
  • Enterprise Portal
SAP CRM Architecture

Installable Components of SAP CRM

There are various components that get installed with SAP CRM and provide a large set of functionalities to manage customer relationship.

  • CRM Core − This includes the components that are mandatory for CRM system landscape, which includes −

    • CRM Application Server ABAP

    • CRM Application Server Java

    • SAP GUI and

    • CRM Web Client UI.

  • CRM Mobile Components − This component is used for a mobile system landscape.

  • CRM Handheld Integration − This component is used for CRM handheld integration.

Workforce Development

Standalone Components − These components are used to provide additional functionalities. They are optional components shown at the time of installation.

Application System − This contains OLTP backend system, BI in NetWeaver, SAP SCM and SAP SRM server.

SAP Solution Manager − This is one of the key components for SAP CRM implementation.

Content Types

Different content types are available for different components. For example − Content for System landscape directory.

The installation program SAPinst can install the CRM Application Server ABAP, CRM Application Server Java and the underlying SAP NetWeaver Application Server in a single installation run. CRM Application Server ABAP and CRM Application Server Java can run in one system using the same database.

You can also install the CRM Application Server ABAP and CRM Application Server Java in separate systems.

Content Types