SAP CRM - Service


In this chapter, we will discuss how to manage the various service cycles and its components related to SAP CRM.

In today’s market, customers are expecting more in terms of service from the organizations. SAP CRM offers a complete end-to-end solution for your service business and helps you to increase the customer loyalty and to boost profitability.

Using SAP CRM Service, you can manage your service cycle that starts with service agreements and contracts, service order management, complaints and returns and service confirmation in the service cycle.

SAP CRM offers predefined business roles for Service Professionals in your company. The following image shows the service professional roles in CRM −

Service Professionals

Once you select this role, it allows the Service Professional to perform basic tasks like Service agreement, contracts, service order management, etc.

Service Orders

SAP CRM service can be accessed from different ways in any CRM. Following are the key functions that can be performed from an SAP CRM WebClient −

  • Service Order Management
  • Service Ticket Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Case Management
  • Product Registration
  • Knowledge Search
SAP CRM Services