SAP CRM - Sales

The SAP CRM Sales allows an organization to manage their sales related activities like reducing sales cycle, increase productivity of sales team, increase revenue, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. It helps the organization to manage end to end sales cycle across all sales channels.

CRM Sales Channels and Functions

There are four types of sales channels that can be managed by SAP CRM Sales, which are −

  • Direct Sales
  • Telesales
  • Channel Sales
  • E-Selling

SAP CRM - Sales Functions

Following are the key sales functions that are performed in SAP CRM −

  • Organizations can perform sales planning and forecasting that helps them to forecast and plan their revenues and item quantities.

  • SAP CRM is used by organizations to manage, monitor, capture and save all the critical details about customers, products, partners and prospects.

  • Any organization can perform territory management and assign sales managers to define the territories based on various criteria and also will be allowing them to assign sales representatives for territories and identify prospects for each territory.

  • To effectively manage travel and expense management for field sales personnel to record, review, and update travel information, enter receipts, and maintain time sheets.

  • It is used by organizations to manage and assign different tasks to sales professionals.

  • An organization uses this for management of sales projects from the very start and track their progress till the end.

  • It helps organizations to develop, implement, and manage compensation plans easily by defining incentives and commissions for their sales agents.

  • To configure, price, and create quotes for customers, as well as create sales orders, check product availability, and track order fulfillment.

  • To perform contract management for customers by defining long term contract and renewing contracts, etc.