SAP CRM - Account Planning

Account planning function in CRM allows organizations to manage planned revenues, costs and contribution margin. Organizations can take strong decisions during planning and control of the costs for spends and discounts.

These planning functions are integrated in the account management functions and can be integrated with SAP ECC and BI as well. This reduces the effort to maintain data and increases the data accuracy.

Key Features of Account Planning

The key features of Account Planning are as follows −

  • To enter non-promoted sales figures for an account.

  • You can include planned promotion volumes and costs.

  • To plan regular sales as well as regular discounts.

  • To plan the account-related costs.

  • To check the total volume forecast plus corresponding promotional and non-promotional costs.

  • To understand the contribution margins.

  • To adjust planned revenues wherever they are necessary.

General Data in Account Planning

You can define account planning period by going to SPRO → IMG → Customer Relationship Management → Account Planning → General Setting → Define Planning Periods.

Account Plan

To create a new planning period, click on New Entries and enter the following details in it −

  • Planning Period
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Planning Period Description
Define Planning Periods

The next step is to define action profiles and actions in CRM. This can be done by going to SPRO → IMG → CRM → Basic Functions → Actions → Actions in Account Planning → Change Actions and Conditions → Define Action Profiles and Actions.

Define Action Profiles

The general data for account plans include the following details −

  • Territory ID
  • Planning Period
  • Employee Responsible
  • Valid from and Valid To
  • Planning Profile Group
  • Action Profile
  • Product Planning Basis
  • Organizational Data
  • Currency
  • Authorization Group