SAP CRM - Marketing Planning

A marketing plan is one of the key component to implement any marketing policy of an organization. They are known as the top most elements in any marketing project hierarchy and is used as a tool for planning of budgets and target in marketing strategy. Marketing plan elements are used to define structure of a marketing plan in the form of hierarchies and you can assign campaigns to each marketing plan element.

Note − You can assign marketing plans to each other and campaigns can be assigned to each market plan element but you can’t assign marketing plans to a campaign.

To define market planning and campaign management and to change some settings, you can go to following link −

SPRO → IMG → Customer Relationship Management → Marketing → Market Planning and Campaign Management.

Market Planning and Campaign Management

You can check the structure of this marketing plan and campaign management as shown in the following image. You can also divide the campaign further into campaign elements.

Structure of Market Planning and Campaign Management

Each marketing element has a defined life cycle and it begins with the creation of market elements and ends with their closure or cancellation. A marketing element goes through many system statuses during this life cycle.