SAP CRM - Interaction Center

In this section, we will discuss about the Interaction Center and how it benefits the CRM system of any organization.

SAP CRM Interaction Center (IC) allows agents to handle service, sales, and marketing transaction effectively and efficiently. The IC agents can access all information related to administration, maintenance and analytic reports to provide a highly efficient contact center.

Key Functions of SAP CRM IC

The key functions of SAP CRM Interaction Center include the following −

  • To meet the tele-sales needs in an organization.

  • To meet the telemarketing needs in an organization.

  • To handle service by managing customer complaints, queries, technical questions and exchange and returns.

SAP CRM WebClient business role for Interaction Center agent −

Interaction Center

Interaction Center Agent Functions

The key functions of Interaction Center Agent include the following −

  • An IC agent receives the incoming calls from customers regarding problems with the purchased product.

  • The IC agent has access to knowledge articles that can be used to answer technical questions from the customers.

  • Based on a customer call, IC agent can raise a service request or schedule an appointment with the service agent.

  • The IC agents are also provided with call list as part of market campaign.

Interaction Center Components

The SAP CRM Interaction Center screen consists of multiple components, some of which are −

  • Account Information − This area shows the relevant information regarding the current interaction. Example − Name of the Customer, Phone number, Home Address, etc.

  • Scratch Pad − This is used to add notes to business transactions. The agent can write notes and at any time these notes can be added to business transactions.

  • Communication Information − This area displays the ACD details like – identification number, talk time of that agent, call duration, queue status, etc.

This following screenshot shows the key components in a CRM Interaction Center.

CRM Interaction Center
  • Tool Bar − This is used to support the telephony functions like Accept, Reject, Hold, Hang Up, Transfer, Conference, Toggle, etc.

  • Navigation Area − This area is used to provide all the information to the IC agent that they require for their interaction with the customers. They can also search knowledge articles, look up the knowledge portal along with other business transactions and application links in this navigation area.

  • Work Area − This area is used to search business transactions data or application data.

  • System Messages − This area shows the current alerts/system messages for the IC agent logged in.

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