SAP CRM - IC Profiles and Configuration

You can define the IC Winclient profiles using T-Code: CICO


In the next window, you can see the existing profiles. You can also see each profile attribute. Select the profile and go to Profile attributes.

Profile Attribute

Profile Attributes

You can use the following customizing transactions to manage framework −

S.No. Transaction & Description


Start the application



Define IC WinClient profiles



Define Framework ID and Parameters



Maintain Window Titles



Define Profiles for Automatically Created Workspaces



Define customer-specific workspaces



Define Toolbars and GUI Status

Integration of SAP CRM IC

SAP CRM Interaction Center is integrated with all the components of CRM Sales. An IC agent can perform activities related to Sales, Marketing, Service, etc.

  • Marketing − The Interaction Center can perform all the key activities of CRM Marketing. An IC agent can participate in all the marketing activities like cold calling, product campaign, product proposals, etc.

  • Service − The IC agents can perform service tickets, service order, email processing and workflow.

  • Sales − An IC agent can participate in sales activities like quotation, opportunities, sales transactions, product proposals, etc.

There are a number of channels that the Interaction Center can support for communication, some of these are −

  • Telephone − It includes call routing, Computer Telephony Integration CTI connection and Incoming and outgoing calls.

  • E-mail

  • Fax

  • SMS

IC Manager Profile

The Interaction Center agents are responsible for performing various functions related to Sales, Marketing and Service. These IC agents can call various business transactions, email messages and other objects for processing in IC. The IC agent inbox can be used to perform all these activities in a WebClient.

You can use the inbox in business roles with the following type of profiles −

  • IC WebClient Business Role
  • CRM WebClient Business Role

IC Manager Functions

To check the status of IC agents, Interaction Center (IC) managers can make use of the IC Manager Dashboard. Using this dashboard, they can monitor the agent status, queue status and different improvements or actions that can be taken. They can also mention key performance indicators for overall process management.

An IC Manager Dashboard collects and displays all the information using Integrated Communication Interface (ICI).

The Interaction Center Manager can define and set up the following roles for their IC agents −

Alerting (CRM-IC-ALT) − It involves predefined information presented to IC agents in the header. The IC manager can create alerts or can create rules to trigger alerts for agents.

The Profile Id to configure this is −



IC_ALT_MODE (user triggered alerts)

Interactive Scripts (CRM-IC-SCR) − The IC agents can be guided for customer interactions by using predefined scripts. The IC manager can create scripts using a Java editor.

For example − SAP Note 717921

The Profile Id to configure this is SCRIPTS


Broadcast Messages (CRM-IC-BRO) − Using this, the IC manager can broadcast messages to IC agents.

Profile Id – CRMCMP_IC_BM