SAP C4C - User Interface

In SAP C4C system we have two types of UIs. In this chapter, we will discuss in detail the UIs of SAP C4C.


SAP C4C is used by end-users. This is considered as light version and provides fast and easy access to different work centers suitable for the end-users in C4C environment.

The user interface framework for SAP C4C for end-users is based on HTML 5. All business user features and functions are available in HTML 5. Most of the administrator features and functions are still only available in Silverlight.

To access HTML 5-SAP C4C user interface, open Internet Explorer and type your tenant URL −


Enter the user name and password and select the language. Click Log on.

You will land on HTML 5-C4C user interface.

HTML SAP_C4C User Interface


This C4C-Silverlight user interface is used by Administrator. For this, you need to install Microsoft Silverlight in your local system.

Note − The default client is HTML5 but C4C administrators can launch the Silverlight UI from the Adaptation menu to access the configuration relevant work centers.

To open Silverlight UI mode, go to the Adapt tab at the top and select Launch Microsoft Silverlight.

Launch Microsoft Silverlight

A new window will open. This window is SAP C4C in Silverlight mode.

SAP C4C Silverlight Mode
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