SAP C4C - Sales Cycle

In SAP C4C, a sales cycle consists of all key activities under the Sales process such as −

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Lead
Sales Quotes

Sales Quotes

Sales quotes is used to offer products to the customers as per specific terms and fixed conditions. A sales quote bounds the seller to sell products for a specific period of time and price. Sales agents are responsible for the creation of sales quote in a company.

Step 1

Navigate to Sales work center → Sales Quotes.

Sales work center and Sales Quotes

Step 2

Click New to enter account/customer data for creating sales quotes. Once you enter all the details, click Save.

Creating Sales Quotes

Step 3

In the next window, under the Products tab, click Add. You can add the product that you are selling to the customer in this tab.

Products Tab

Step 4

Go to Involved Parties tab, you can add all the parties involved to execute the transactions such as- bill to party, ship to party, sold to party etc.

Involved parties

Step 5

Go to Sales Document. You can get the details of all the sales documents (sales quotes, sales order etc.) that are related to this sales quote. If your sales quote is created with reference to some other sales document, you can see the details in this tab.

Sales Document

Step 6

Go to the Attachment tab, you can attach any other external documents. Go to the Approval tab, you can see the approval process like approval required from senior to process this sales quote, etc.

You can also see the status here pending, approved, rejected etc.

Attachment Tab

Step 7

Navigate to the Activities tab. Create activities related to the sales representative like create an appointment through phone calls, e-mails etc.

Activities Tab

Step 8

Under the Changes tab, click Go. You can see all the changes made in this sales quote by all the user on different times on this sales quotes. You can get to know what all changes that has made to this sales quote.

Changes Tab

Sales Order

Sales order is defined as a document that is sent to the customer for delivery of goods and services. Sales order is generated when a customer accepts a sales quote.

A sales order is an internal document of a company. To create Sales order follow the steps given below −

Step 1

Go to Sales Work Center → Sales Order.

Sales Work Center

Step 2

To open a new sales order, go to New. In the new window, you need to enter all the details and click Save.

New Sales Order

Step 3

In the new window, enter the details such as- Products, Involved Parties, Approval, Activities, Attachments and Changes.

Entering The Details
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