SAP C4C - Retail

SAP C4C Retail allows retail stores to provide their customer with personalized shopping experience by suggesting recommended products and easy check out options. Using SAP C4C Retail, a retail store employee can import all user details, offers and in-store products from C4C system and use it to emphasize great store experience.

A SAP C4C Retail store agent can perform the following functions −

  • Customer View − An agent can check and view the past order details of a customer and hence provide personalized service by recommending a few products.

  • Customer Check-In − The customer checks in to the store for shopping.

  • Customer Look up − Retail agent can look up for the details of any customer who walks in to the store, his loyalty status, contact details, etc.

  • Product Recommendation − Sales agent can recommend products to the customer as per his or her wish list.

  • Product Look up − Retail agent can look up the products for customers and provide details like prices, offers and location of products in store.

  • Availability Check − C4C Retail agent can perform the availability check for specific products in their stores as well as other store locations.

SAP C4C Retail targets tow business roles in managing customer relationship management −

  • Store Associate
  • Store Manager

You can look up the customer details to get a better understanding of customer preferences to serve them better.

Step 1

Navigate to Customers Work Center → Individual Customers.

Individual Customers

Step 2

You have an option of searching for the customer by name, loyalty ID, phone number, email address, or postal address.

Searching Option

Step 3

Once you find the customer, click the name in the customer list.

If retail is scoped, you can view retail-specific work centers such as overview, preferences, shopping lists, shopping history, and offers.

Customer List

Step 4

You can move on to the Preferences tab to display consumer maintained preferences. Based on the preferences, you can also suggest products guide them to where the products are located in the store.

Preferences Tab

Shopping List

In SAP C4C Retail, a Shopping List tab shows all the shared shopping lists a customer has maintained in his account. You can define a shopping list as shared list or wish list that a consumer maintains and shares with other members of the household.

A customer can also invite other members of household to edit the shared list by giving access to shopping list. Every time a household member enters items into the shared list, after updating the list, the added items display in the list.

C4C Retail agent can access a customer’s shopping list that allows agents to provide personalized and exceptional customer service.

Shopping List
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