SAP C4C - Public vs Private

When a customer goes for SAP C4C production tenant, there is a test tenant provided as free to the customer. A separate unique URL is provided for each tenant. A customer can also purchase permanent test tenant subscription.

SAP C4C Public vs Private

SAP C4C solution is hosted on cloud tenant that has many customers. This is called a public tenant.

C4C customers can also go for private purchase edition, which allows them to subscribe for a tenant with no other customer on it. SAP C4C production and test tenants are always of separate system. A customer cannot purchase a permanent test tenant for temporary basis. It is recommended only when SDK solution is in use.

SAP Cloud hosting cannot differentiate between a permanent and a temporary test tenant. It only supports up to two test tenants irrespective of which a customer can consider as temporary tenant and a permanent tenant.

Using a test and production tenant, a project can be implemented in the following way as demonstrated in the figure −

Test and Production Tenant

SAP C4C administrator can manage the test and production tenants using Service Control Center → System View

Service Control Center


From the dropdown list, you can select Active systems, decommission system, or all systems and click on Go.

Active Systems

You can use request creation option to request a new system. Different options can be selected for requesting a new system like −

  • Copy of Source System
  • Initial System (Copy Solution Profile)
  • Copy of Source System
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