SAP C4C - Personalization

Personalization involves changing screen layouts, fields and output forms for a single user or group of users. SAP C4C provides several features that enable you to customize fields, screen layouts, and output forms.


Personalization enables individual users to modify their own view of the UI screen. Using Personalization, impacts the user making a change to the screen. This allows the users to tailor the system in a way they want to use it on a daily (or regular) basis.

In C4C, an administrator can disable this feature by going to Adapt → Company Setting → Disable user Personalization features.

Company Settings

Step 1

To start personalization, click the Personalize tab at the top.

Personalize Tab

The following options are available under the Personalization tab −

  • Start Personalization
  • My Settings
  • My Background image
  • Feed Sources.

Step 2

Select Start personalization.

Start Personalization

You can see the personalization screen.

Step 3

Go to My Settings; you can perform various personalization settings as per requirement.

My Settings

Step 4

Go to Regional Settings. You can personalize date formats, different decimal notation, different time zone, different time format, different languages as per your requirement.

Regional Settings

Step 5

Under the Onscreen Help tab, you can select Country. Country specific help will be activated and the help content can be seen in Help Center. A user can view these additional country specific help, if he has any issues.

Onscreen Help

Step 6

Under the Accessibility tab, check the support screen readers checkbox. It allows a user to read the User Interface (UI) text and mouse over text with screen readers.


Step 7

You can change the password by clicking the Change Password command button under My Settings.

Change Password

Note − All the personalization performed above, is usually done by the end-user on their HTML 5 screen. These personalization changes are on their screens only and do not reflect on any other user screen.

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