SAP C4C - Business Roles

You can create business roles and assign them to work centers to perform their job functions. To help standardize system access, business roles can be created. This enables you to predefine access rights in the form of a template, so that you can assign them to multiple business users, who perform similar business tasks.

Create Business Roles

Follow the steps to create business roles.

Step 1

To create Business roles in C4C system, go to Administration → General Settings.

Create Business Roles

Step 2

Click Business Roles.

Business Roles

Step 3

Click New. Select Business Roles.

New Select Business Roles

Step 4

Enter all the required fields like Business Role ID, Business Role Name, and Description etc.

Business Role

Step 5

Click Work center and View assignments, select work centers as per the requirement.

Assign the required work centers and work center views to the business role. When you have finished the assignment, check whether the access rights are consistent and ensure that there are no conflicts of assignments with segregation of duties.

Test Business Roles

Available Work Centers

Step 6

Navigate to access restrictions, enter values for read access and write access. You can restrict the read and write access for a work center view. By defining the read and write access, you also define the access rights for all work items that are assigned to the access context of the work center view.

Access Restrictions

Step 7

Navigate to UI Switches. UI switches are defined by custom development and can be used to make fields, buttons, or sections of user interfaces hidden, read-only, or mandatory. You can assign any UI switches that have been developed to the business role here. Using UI switches enables you to assign a particular version of a UI to the business role, and in turn, to the users to whom the business role is assigned.

UI Switches

Step 8

Navigate to Fields & Actions. If you want to make certain fields read only or hidden for a user, you can make these settings here and then assign a business role to the user. In the same way, you can also disable certain actions for a user.

Fields and Actions

Step 9

Click Action and select Activate. Click Save.

Action, Activate and Save

After creating the template, you can directly assign it to the user or copy the access rights directly from an already existing user. The specified Work Center and views will be automatically populated.

This is a time-saving and an easy way to cope with a large number of users.

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