Current Affairs Nov 2019 - Important Days


1 - International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

End Impunity

The International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists is observed annually on 2 November. The day draws attention to the low global conviction rate for violent crimes against journalists and media workers, estimated at only one in every ten cases.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/68/163 (link is external) at its 68th session in 2013 which proclaimed 2 November as the ‘International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists’ (IDEI).

2 - World Tsunami Awareness Day

World Tsunami Awareness

The ‘World Tsunami Awareness’ is observed every year on 5th November. At its fourth edition, the 2019 World Tsunami Awareness Day promotes Target (d) of the "Sendai Seven Campaign" which focuses on reducing disaster damage to critical infrastructure and disruption of basic services.

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO works to coordinate national and regional tsunami early warning services as well as raising global awareness about effective actions, policies and practices to reduce exposure to disaster risk.

3 - Public Service Broadcasting Day celebrated

Public Service Broadcasting

The Public Service Broadcasting Day is celebrated every year on 12th November to commemorate the first and last visit of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi to the studio of All India Radio, Delhi in 1947. The Father of the Nation addressed the displaced people, who had temporarily settled at Kurukshetra in Haryana after partition.

The day was declared as Public Service Broadcasting Day or (Jan Prasaran Diwas) in 2000, after it was conceptualised by Suhas Borker, Convenor, Jan Prasar.

4 - National Education Day observed across country

National Education Day

The National Education Day is observed every year on 11th November in India to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of independent India. He established the University Grants Commission (UGC) after India's independence. He also established higher educational institutions and worked for free education in the country.

On the occasion of the day and to take education to every doorstep of India, the Union HRD Ministry launched SWAYAM 2.0. SWAYAM is a programme initiated by the government to provide the best teaching-learning resources to all.

5 - International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

Environment in War

The International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict is an international day observed annually on November 6. Nearly 1.5 billion people, over 20 per cent of the world’s population, live in conflict-affected areas and fragile states.

The International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict was established on November 5, 2001 during Kofi Annan's tenure as Secretary-General, the United Nations General Assembly.

6 - National Cancer Awareness Day 2019 observed on November 7

National Cancer Awareness

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan announced in 2014 to observe National Cancer Awareness Day across India on November 7 every year. The day coincides with the birth anniversary of scientist Marie Curie (Marie Skłodowska Curie), winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan upgraded Regional Cancer Centre into the State Cancer Institute where two-thirds of cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage, reducing patients' chances of survival.

7 - World Science Day for Peace and Development: 10 November

World Science Day

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every year on November 10. The World Science Day for Peace and Development 2019 was devoted to the theme of "Open Science, leaving no one behind". The theme highlighted the important role of science in society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues. It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives.

World Science Day for Peace and Development aims to ensure that citizens are kept informed of developments in science.

8 - World Pneumonia day observed on November 12

World Pneumonia Day

World Pneumonia Day is annually held on November 12 to raise awareness of pneumonia, promote prevention and treatment, and generate action to fight the disease. Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of deaths in children under five years old despite being easily preventable and treatable. This day was first hosted in 2009 when over 100 organisations joined to form the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia.

This day raises awareness about pneumonia, the world’s leading infectious killer of children under the age of 5.

9 - Africa Industrialization Day observed on 20 November

Africa Industrialization

Africa Industrialization Day is celebrated on November 20 each year. It is a time when governments and other organizations in many African countries examine ways to stimulate Africa’s industrialization process. Within the framework of the Second Industrial Development Decade for Africa (1991-2000), the United Nations General Assembly, in 1989, proclaimed 20 November “Africa Industrialization Day”.

2019 theme was “Positioning African Industry to Supply the AfCFTA Market” to raise awareness in the international community on the challenges and opportunities for Africa's industrialization within the framework of the newly created African Continental Free Trade Area.

10 - World Toilet Day observed on 19 November

World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day is celebrated on 19th November every year to tackle the global sanitation crisis and help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6), which promises sanitation for all by 2030. World Toilet Day (WTD) is an official United Nations international observance day.

The theme for 2019 was ‘Leaving No One Behind’ as 4.2 billion people still live without safely managed sanitation and 673 million people still practise open defecation worldwide. World Toilet Day 2019 attracted attention to those people being left behind without sanitation.

11 - World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims observed 17 November

Road Traffic Victims Day

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is commemorated on the third Sunday of November each year. 2019 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was observed 17 November for drawing attention to the scale of emotional and economic devastation caused by road crashes. This day is an opportunity to reflect on how we can save millions of lives.

The theme of the 2019 World Day of Remembrance was “Life is not a car part”. The theme was based on Pillar 3 of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety – Safer vehicles.

12 - World Diabetes Day observed on 14 November

World Diabetes Day

On 14 November, millions of people around the world unite to mark World Diabetes Day, the global awareness campaign of the diabetes. World Diabetes Day 2019 theme was Family and Diabetes. The theme was based on raising awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family and support network of those affected, and promoting the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of diabetes.

The WDD 2019 had three main focus areas i.e. to discover diabetes, prevent type 2 diabetes and manage diabetes.

13 - Children’s Day observed on 14th November

Children’s Day

November 14 is celebrated as the Children's Day every year in India. It's also the birthday of first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children's Day is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children.

Fondly known as Chacha Nehru among children, had great affection for children and he advocated for children to have fulfilled education. Children’s Day signifies the importance of increasing awareness of the rights, care and education of children.

14 - World Television Day observed on 21 November

World Television Day

World Television Day is observed on 21 November to highlight the daily value of television that it plays in communication and globalisation. Television was thus acknowledged as a major tool in informing, channelling and affecting public opinion.

In recognition of the increasing impact television has on decision-making by bringing world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security and its potential role in sharpening the focus on other major issues, including economic and social issues, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 November as World Television Day (through resolution 51/205 of 17 December 1996).

15 - World Philosophy Day observed on 21st November

World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day is an international day proclaimed by UNESCO to be celebrated every 3rd Thursday of November to highlight the value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and individual. The 2019 edition observed on 21st November aimed to highlight the importance of philosophy in different regional contexts. The goal was to obtain regional contributions to global debates on contemporary challenges that support social transformations.

World Philosophy Day was introduced in 2002 by UNESCO to appraise the state of philosophy teaching throughout the world.

16 - World Children’s Day observed on 20 November

World Children’s Day

On November 20th, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. 2019 marked 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. November 20th is a special date because on this date in 1959, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

The day offers an entry-point to advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build a better world for children.

17 - World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Day observed worldwide

World Copd Day

World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day (COPD) is celebrated on the third Wednesday of November every year, in collaboration with health experts and patients with COPD. COPD is not one single disease but an umbrella term used to describe chronic lung diseases that cause limitations in lung airflow.

Theme of 2019 was ‘All Together to End COPD’. The WHO (World Health Organization) and Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) organize World COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Day on the third Wednesday of November every year.

18 - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women observed on 25 November

Violence Against Women

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed across the world on 25 November annually. The theme of 2019 was “Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands Against Rape” to prevent and end violence against women at the global, regional and national levels.

Women's rights activists have observed 25 November as a day against gender-based violence since 1981. On 20 December 1993, the General Assembly adopts the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women through resolution 48/104.

19 - Constitution day observed on November 26

Constitution Day

The Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divas, is celebrated in India on 26 November every year. The day commemorates the adoption of Constitution of India. On this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, and it came into effect on 26 January 1950.

The Government of India declared 26 November as Constitution Day on 19 November 2015 by a gazette notification.