Current Affairs Jan 2019 - Places in NEWS


1 - The Australian Cities Sydney & Brisbane Chosen to Host Top Tennis Tournament

Tennis Tournament

The two Australian cities Sydney and Brisbane have been announced as the first two host locations for the newest team event in the category of men's tennis. However, the name of the third city will be announced soon. For the first time, the ATP Cup will feature on the calendar from January 2020.

In this new tournament, more than 100 players from 24 nations will participate. The prize money will be $15 million.

2 - Shenzhen Became Second City in China to Attain 99% Electric Taxis

Electric Taxis

Located in the southern part of China, Shenzhen city has become only second city (after Taiyuan) where 99% taxis run on electricity. However, out of 21,689 operation taxis in the city, about 7,500 taxis are still run on gasoline (as per 2018 report).

On the other hand, Taiyuan, located in the norther part of China, has had only electric taxis since 2016.

3 - Rio de Janeiro Named as World Capital of Architecture for 2020

Rio de Janeiro

Located on the eastern coast of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has been declared as the World Capital of Architecture for the year 2020 by UNESCO and UIA. Rio de Janeiro is the second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the America. It has the second largest economy in Brazil.

From decades, Rio de Janeiro is the most popular and frequently visited tourists’ destination not only in Brazil but also in entire South America.

Further, because of such honor (that of being the first World Capital of Architecture), Rio de Janeiro will hold a series of events under the theme “All the worlds. Just one world.” In addition to this, it will also promote the internationally agreed 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s 11th Goal: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”