Bokeh - Extending Bokeh

Bokeh integrates well with a wide variety of other libraries, allowing you to use the most appropriate tool for each task. The fact that Bokeh generates JavaScript, makes it possible to combine Bokeh output with a wide variety of JavaScript libraries, such as PhosphorJS.

Datashader ( is another library with which Bokeh output can be extended. It is a Python library that pre-renders large datasets as a large-sized raster image. This ability overcomes limitation of browser when it comes to very large data. Datashader includes tools to build interactive Bokeh plots that dynamically re-render these images when zooming and panning in Bokeh, making it practical to work with arbitrarily large datasets in a web browser.

Another library is Holoviews (( that provides a concise declarative interface for building Bokeh plots, especially in Jupyter notebook. It facilitates quick prototyping of figures for data analysis.