Bokeh - Basic Concepts

Bokeh package offers two interfaces using which various plotting operations can be performed.


This module is a low level interface. It provides great deal of flexibility to the application developer in developing visualizations. A Bokeh plot results in an object containing visual and data aspects of a scene which is used by BokehJS library. The low-level objects that comprise a Bokeh scene graph are called Models.


This is a higher level interface that has functionality for composing visual glyphs. This module contains definition of Figure class. It actually is a subclass of plot class defined in bokeh.models module.

Figure class simplifies plot creation. It contains various methods to draw different vectorized graphical glyphs. Glyphs are the building blocks of Bokeh plot such as lines, circles, rectangles, and other shapes.


Bokeh package Application class which is a lightweight factory for creating Bokeh Documents. A Document is a container for Bokeh Models to be reflected to the client side BokehJS library.


It provides customizable Bokeh Server Tornadocore application. Server is used to share and publish interactive plots and apps to an audience of your choice.