YouTube Marketing - Fan Finder

According to YouTube, the YouTube Fan Finder finds and connects your channel to new fans, at no cost to you.

You create a small channel ad to promote your channel that is filled with clips from your own YouTube videos. You then submit this channel ad to the Fan Finder program. If accepted, your channel ad will be shown across different YouTube videos.

Create Small Channel Ad

It works as an ad at the beginning of other videos that YouTube thinks is relevant to your intended audience. Viewers can skip after the first five seconds or continue watching. In other words, you have five seconds to catch the attention of your potential new YouTube viewer and/or subscriber.

To make the most of this program, follow the following steps.

  • Keep your video short (30-60 seconds).

  • Make your video interesting.

  • Include a great call to action.

  • Include your channel name so you’re easy to find.

  • Monitor your five ads to see which are performing best and use the ones that get the best results.

  • Make sure your Fan Finder video follows all guidelines to optimize your chances of getting approved for the program.

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