YouTube Marketing - Create Creative Video

Ready to grow and sustain a loyal audience on YouTube? Start with a Creative foundation and strong, workable ideas.

When deciding what content will work best on YouTube, this is a great list of ideas or questions to ask yourself before the creation process begins.

  • Shareable − Will viewers share your videos?

  • Conversational − Is there an element of speaking directly to the audience?

  • Interactive − Can the audience interact with the content?

  • Consistent − Are there consistent elements to each episode?

  • Targeted − Is there a distinct audience your videos are targeting?

  • Discoverable − Will viewers discover your videos through search?

  • Accessible − Can a new viewer appreciate every episode?

  • Sustainable − If your audience loves it, can you make more of it?

  • Collaborative − Is there space for guests in your episodes?

  • Inspired − Are your videos coming from a place of true passion?

If your content idea passes the test, it’s now time to decide what equipment you’ll use to capture the video. Choices include everything from your mobile phone, a webcam, a handheld camcorder, or software that captures activity on your computer.

Video Capture Equipment

You’ll also want a script. Even if you are very comfortable on camera, it will help keep the flow of the video moving and make sure you don’t miss any key talking points.

Now it’s time to record your footage. Once you've settled on an idea for your video, perform whatever tasks you must to set up and prepare, then record the video. Capture multiple takes and more footage than you think you’ll need. Be sure to film in good light and speak loudly and clearly.

The following screenshot shows an interface of the Movie Maker tool.

Movie Maker

Once captured, you’ll need to transfer the video file either directly to YouTube for editing purposes or to your computer so that you may use your editing software of choice. From there, you’ll have infinite number of tools to enhance the visuals of your video, add music, cut and clip, and finally publish and promote on YouTube!

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