Manage Negative Comments

At some point, all popular YouTube channels face a negative comment. There are three ways to deal with this −

  • Remove, report, or hide comments (please see description above)
  • Ignore the comment
  • Reply

Best practices typically favor replying over other strategies, except in extreme situations (like threats or divulging personal information). Here are some best practices in replying to a negative comment.

Take time to respond

Your initial reaction may be “What a jerk! How dare you say that?” but that’s not constructive. Take some time to construct a well-thought out reply that is communicated with dignity both for yourself and the commenter.

Take time to respond

Give them the benefit of the doubt

Comments on social media channels come with no context, no facial cues, and no tone. Don’t assume that they meant their comment in a negative way. They may have no idea that their comment is considered “negative” to you.

Don’t argue

It’s typically in your best interest, even when dealing with argumentative people, to engage in an argument. Your reply is visible to everyone else who looks at the comments on your video. Think about the reputation you are trying to create and how your reply will look to other people who want to comment on your video.

Separate constructive criticism from negativity

There are some YouTube users who thrive on negativity and there are others who genuinely want to contribute to the conversation, even if they don’t see eye-to-eye with you. Make sure you aren’t lumping these two types of people together. Respond to viewers offering constructive criticism with grace and appreciation that they are adding to the discussion. Welcome divergent viewpoints when they’re written respectfully.

Don’t feed the trolls

There are people on the Internet that seek pleasure in being argumentative. Engaging with them can be exhausting and is never productive. If you think you may be dealing with an Internet troll, tread carefully and don’t be afraid to disengage (i.e. ignore them).

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