YouTube Marketing - Creating a Channel

The first step in creating your YouTube channel is selecting a channel name. This name may live with your channel forever so make sure that resonates with your branding. Does it clearly communicate your channel concept? Does it relate to the other names of your social media channels?

Create New Channel

To begin, go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account, Go into settings (the wheel icon found in the menu at the top right), and you’ll be walked through the steps which give you the option to create or rename your channel and see your channel ID. Once you’ve taken this important first step you’re ready to upload!!

Channel ID

There are some account settings that you may want to update straightaway, like connecting your social media accounts, setting privacy levels for your videos, and deciding how you'd like to receive notifications. Also, in order to enable features like custom thumbnails, you’ll want to verify your channel with Google.

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