YouTube Marketing - Promoting a Video

After making a video and editing it with necessary changes, the important part is promoting the video. While there are many companies who you can pay to promote your YouTube videos, there are several ways you can self-promote at no cost.

Give your video an appropriate title and description

YouTube users find videos by typing keywords into the search bar. There may be hundreds or even thousands of YouTube users looking for the very video you have created and uploaded. But they will never find your video if you don’t properly explain what your video is about in the title and description.

Share your video with your own social circle

Self-promoting starts with you own social network so do not be afraid to reach out to friends and family asking them to check out your video, as well as like and comment on the video to get a higher ranking and be more likely to show up in search results.

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Encourage interaction by viewers

It sounds so simple, but by simply asking viewers a question or asking them to like or comment on your video will often result in more interaction. Interaction is key to getting more people to find and view your YouTube video.

Work all social media angles

The first step here is having a presence across several social media outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Then you can cross promote your social media accounts, including your YouTube channel or videos. By linking to your videos on Twitter, you may open a whole new world of YouTube videos to your Twitter followers, for example.

Embed your video into your website and/or blog

This is similar to working your social media angles. If you already have an audience on the Internet, share your videos with that audience.

Email your video out in your newsletter

It is important to use opt-in emails, if you’re not already doing this, so that subscribers can easily unsubscribe.

Find new viewers with YouTube Fan Finder

This free tool is discussed next.

Collaborate and/or cross promote with another channel

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with another YouTube video creator allows you both to get access to each other’s audiences. In turn, this means you may be able to attract their fans to being viewers of your own videos.

Use AdWords for videos through Google

You can learn more about this in this Ad words description and tutorial, but ultimately, AdWords is a way for you to pay for your video to show up when someone searches for keywords that apply to your video using the Google search engine.

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