Splunk - Interface

The Splunk web interface consists of all the tools you need to search, report and analyse the data that is ingested. The same web interface provides features for administering the users and their roles. It also provides links for data ingestion and the in-built apps available in Splunk.

The below picture shows the initial screen after your login to Splunk with the admin credentials.


Administrator Link

The Administrator drop down gives the option to set and edit the details of the administrator. We can reset the admin email ID and password using the below screen −


Further from the administrator link, we can also navigate to the preferences option where we can set the time zone and home application on which the landing page will open after your login. Currently, it opened on the Home page as shown below −


Settings Link

This is a link which shows all the core features available in Splunk. For example, you can add the lookup files and lookup definitions by choosing the lookup link.

We will discuss the important settings of these links in the subsequent chapters.


Search and Reporting Link

The search and reporting link takes us to the features where we can find the data sets that are available for searching the reports and alerts created for these searches. It is clearly shown in the below screenshot −

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