Splunk - Custom Chart

The charts created in Splunk has many features to customize them as per the user need. These customizations help in displaying the data completely or changing the interval for which the data is calculated. After initially creating the chart, we dive into the customization features.

Let us consider the below search query for getting the statistics of various measurements of byte size of the files by week day. We choose a column chart to display the graph and see the default values in the X-axis and Y-Axis values.

Custom Chart1

Axis Customization

We can customize the axes displayed in the chart by choosing the Format → X-axis button. Here, we edit the Title of the chart. We also edit the Label Rotation option to choose an inclined label to fit better into the chart. After editing these, results can be seen in the chart as highlighted using the green boxes below.

Custom Chart2

Legend Customization

The legends of the chart can also be customized by using the option Format → Legend. We edit the option Legend Position to mark it at Top. We also edit the Legend Truncation option to Truncate the End of the legend if required. The below cart shows the legends displayed at the top with colors and values.

Custom Chart3
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