Splunk - Environment

In this tutorial, we will aim to install the enterprise version. This version is available for a free evaluation for 60 days with all features enabled. You can download the setup using the below link which is available for both windows and Linux platforms.


Linux Version

The Linux version is downloaded from the download link given above. We choose the .deb package type as the installation will be done in a Ubuntu platform.

We shall learn this with a step by step approach −

Step 1

Download the .deb package as shown in the screenshot below −

Linux Install1

Step 2

Go to the download directory and install Splunk using the above downloaded package.

Linux Install2

Step 3

Next you can start Splunk by using the following command with accept license argument. It will ask for administrator user name and password which you should provide and remember.

Linux Install3

Step 4

The Splunk server starts and mentions the URL where the Splunk interface can be accessed.

Linux Install4

Step 5

Now, you can access the Splunk URL and enter the admin user ID and password created in step 3.

Linux Install5

Windows Version

The windows version is available as a msi installer as shown in the below image −


Double clicking on the msi installer installs the Windows version in a straight forward process. The two important steps where we must make the right choice for successful installation are as follows.

Step 1

As we are installing it on a local system, choose the local system option as given below −


Step 2

Enter the password for the administrator and remember it, as it will be used in the future configurations.


Step 3

In the final step, we see that Splunk is successfully installed and it can be launched from the web browser.


Step 4

Next, open the browser and enter the given url, http://localhost:8000, and login to the Splunk using the admin user ID and password.

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