SAP Scripts - Update a Document

In SAP Script, using SO10 transaction you can update the existing standard text in SAP system. You can use the Change option to make changes to an existing document or the display option to display a document. Click the Allow button in the Warning window.

Standard Text request

You can see the document is opened in Change mode. You can copy the following text or make changes directly in the system.

Report of the ABC Inc. board meeting of the 28.08.95 
Main Topic: Investment in a new production plant in Mexico Participants: 
Mr. Walther Chief (CEO)
Mr. Stephan Glad  (COO)
Mr. Alex Miller   (CFO)
Mr. Burt Sales    (Director Sales)
Mr. Paul Choice   (Director Marketing) 
The plant shall be used for the production of all potato snacks for the American market. 
Cost reduction, compared with American production, will be more than 35%. 
The whole investment will be $ 230m within two years. 
The participants agreed to start plant construction as soon as possible because Japanese 
companies, producing with very low costs in Korea, will enter next year our home market.

Letter Language

There are various word functions that you can use to make changes to the document. Once the document is changed, it will be saved to the default location.

Changes in Document