SAP Scripts - Export

SAPscript doesn’t provide version management so it is suggested to store each version of your script as a file exported to the local system. In case, you want to copy a SAPscript from one client to the other, you can use export/import or copy the option.

Export a File

To export a SAPscript to the local file, use table RSTXSCRP.

Following are the steps to export your SAPscript to the local file on the system that can be changed later to meet the requirements.

Step 1 − Run Transaction Code - SE38 and execute program RSTXSCRP


Step 2 − Enter the program name and execute.


Now you have to select the desired object type - Form / Style / Standard Text / Device Type from the list.

Step 3 − To export a SAP script locally, select Form.

Step 4 − Select the Mode parameter. Here we will select Export as the mode parameter.

  • Export means download to local file.
  • Import means upload from local file.

Step 5 − Enter the object name that you want to export.

The default export path is in the following format- C:\temp\********&&&&

Default Export

When you execute the report from the top icon, you will be prompted to select a location to save the script on your local system.