SAP Scripts - Smart Forms

SAP Smart Forms have been introduced by SAP to enhance the capabilities and key features over SAP Scripts. In Smart Forms, you need minimum coding when you compare it with SAP Scripts.

SAP recommends to replace SAP Script by Smart Forms as smart forms provide various advantages over Scripting.

Following are the key differences between SAP Scripts and Smart Forms −

  • You can create multiple page formats in smart forms which is not possible in case of SAP scripts. All pages follow the same format in SAP script.

  • You cannot create labels in smart forms.

  • A smart form can be created without a window.

  • When you activate a smart form, it generates a functional module. You can also create background graphics using smart forms. However, it is not possible using SAP Scripts.

  • Maintenance cost is low for smart forms and it is heavy for SAP Scripts.

  • Less time is required to generate smart forms as compared to SAP Scripts.

  • Smart forms support web publishing in XML format. However, it is not supported in SAP Script. Smart forms generates XML output, which can be viewed through the web.