SAP Scripts - Overview

SAP Scripts is used to generate formatted documents and for external purposes to print and transfer business documents. Formatted document contains logos, tables, and other formatting objects. You can print preformatted text in forms which are not possible with normal ABAP codes.

SAP Script consists of the following components −

  • An Editor for entering and editing the lines of text that is called by application transaction automatically.

  • An Invisible Composer to prepare a text from an output device and provide different formatting options for printing.

  • To include Script components to your application program, it contains a Programming Interface.

  • Use Maintenance transactions to create styles and forms for print layout.

  • A Central Database to store texts, forms, and other styles for printing format.

When a print program is executed, it retrieves the data from the form and database and prints the output.

The following image shows the key components of SAP Scripting as mentioned above.

Key Components

To design a script, use Transaction code - SE71

Type the Transaction code in SAP Easy access and the following screen opens.


Enter the name of the program and click the save button to save it.


Create paragraphs, page, and windows, and assign the windows to the element. Create the script and create a report to call the script.