SAP Scripts - Control Tables

SAPscript contains various control table that are used to define definition of text objects, definition of text IDs and their description.

To maintain Control tables, use Transaction Code: SE75

TTXOB Definition of the text objects
TTXOT Description of the text objects
TTXID Definition of the text IDs
TTXIT Description of the text IDs
Code SE75

Standard Symbols

Control Table - TTXOB

This table contains definition of all text objects supported by SAPscript. When you use SAPscript function modules, you can process texts whose objects are stored in this table. When an object is passed to function whose definition is not maintained in table TTXOB, an exception object is triggered.

This table can be maintained using Transaction SE75.

Control Table

There are different parameters in the table −

  • Line Width of Editor − This shows the maximum line width allowed for a text in the editor.

  • Default Style − When you create a new text module, the system automatically allocates the style specified in this field.

  • Default Form − When you create a new text module, the system proposes the form specified in it.

  • Text Format − This is used to determine the format of the text and as per the format, the system calls the appropriate editor.

Change Text Objects

Control Table - TTXOT

This table contains the short description of text objects.

Control Table - TTXID

This table contains all the text IDs which are allocated to text objects and are supported by SAPscript.

Different parameters that are used in this table include −

  • TDSHOWNAME − Displays the name of the text.

  • TDTEXTTYPE − To determine the format of the text.

  • TDKEYSTRUC − You can store the name of a structure which describes the key structure of the name field of the text module.

  • TDOBLIGAT − (Reserve)

  • TDDELPROT − (Reserve)

  • TDINCLRES − (Reserve)

  • TDINCLID − To include the contents of a second text into the first text.

To see the definition of test IDs for object, select any object and click on Text IDs. You can see all the above parameters for each text ID.

Each Text ID

Text ID

Control table - TTXIT

This table contains the short description of text IDs.